Centre for Inclusive Digital Enterprise


Vision : The Center for Inclusive Digital Enterprise (CeIDE - pronounced "seed") was founded in 2018 and became a research partner of the Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa (www.diaa.nzin 2019 with the shared purpose of advocating for policy changes with thought leadership and evidence-driven recommendations. 

The primary mission of CeIDE is a single-minded focus on bringing about digital inclusion and equity for the well-being of the currently disadvantaged communities. Consistent with the ideals of "tech for good", CeIDE believes that digital inclusion is a fundamental and universal right of active citizenship and should contribute to the growth and development of all communities. Paraphrasing Valmiki Mukherjee, Founder of the Cyber Future Foundation: We are a collective of committed scholars actively building trust and inclusion in cyberspace. Whereas the future is promising, confident, bright and positive - not because we are utopian or positivist in perspective, but because that’s the most desirable outcome for humanity to lead into a digital and connected future - with hope, and humility we collaborate, cooperate and co-create this future together for ourselves, our future generations, and the global village in which we live.

McKinsey Global Institute Discussion Paper (May 2019) adds that "The development and adoption of advanced technologies including smart automation and artificial intelligence has the potential not only to raise productivity and GDP growth but also to improve well-being more broadly, including through healthier life and longevity and more leisure. Alongside such benefits, these technologies also have the potential to reduce disruption and the potentially destabilizing effects on society arising from their adoption"

CeIDE will hence reach out to the socio-economically disadvantaged segments of society in the region such as the Māori, Pasifika, disabled, elderly, trans-migrant and small-local business communities. Domains of interest include digital health, online education, electronic governance, and digital citizenship. 

At its core, CeIDE will develop systems-based narratives that could transform segments within our society to a state where they would demonstrably be better off than before. 

A unique characteristic of the research initiatives at CeIDE will be the use of data analytics and knowledge discovery in conjunction with action design research (ADR) and thinking in the development of "rich narratives" that capture the transformation of the currently social-economically disadvantaged to becoming more digitally empowered.

Founder & Director - Ravi Sharma   https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8235-5344


  • Dhanjoo Ghista, CeIDE Emeritus Fellow
  • Hany Besada, United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation, UNOSSC
  • Samuel Ekundayo, Eastern Institute of Technology
  • Paul Hector, UNESCO 
  • Jingbo Huang, UNU Institute in Macau
  • Blooma John, University of Canberra 
  • Kevin Jones, CeIDE Research Fellow 
  • Atreyi Kankanhalli, National University of Singapore 
  • Keikki Karjaluoto, University of Javaskylya
  • Nir Kshetri, University of North Carolina - Greensboro 
  • Jayan Kurian, USC Business School
  • Eldon Li, Tongji University 
  • Yan Li, ESSEC Business School 
  • Angus Macfarlane, University of Canterbury 
  • Francis Pereira, University of Southern California 
  • Aijaz Shaikh, University of Jyväskylä 
  • Maryam Tabatabaee, CeIDE Research Associate
  • Venki Vishwanath, University of Arkansas 
  • Steve Wingreen, University of Canterbury
  • Seetha Thiruvadi, CeIDE Digital Archivist

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